Escape room team building

Team building in an escape room is a completely different experience, an experience that is retold, an event that is remembered.

Team building advantages

Team building and strengthening business cooperation are always in the focus of successful companies.

In addition to classic team building activities such as field trips and sports competitions, there is also a newer trend – playing escape games.

This is an opportunity for employees to open up to each other, to overcome many misconceptions and possible conflicts that employees had among themselves, as well as to develop understanding for each other (as collaborators and as individuals).

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Why are Escape Room adventures a great choice for team building?

Escape room adventures are a great way to improve team spirit and cooperation, while also allowing for the acquisition of new skills.

Apart from being challenging and fun, escape games are also beneficial from a psychological point of view. These activities encourage teamwork, develop creativity and improve communication among team members.

Also, Escape Room adventures help develop skills such as quick thinking, decision making under pressure and problem solving.

One of the biggest advantages of team building is the improvement of communication between employees, and it is known that better productivity can be achieved when there are no obstacles in communication.

Employers who organize team building activities once a month agree on one thing – employee motivation increases after team building, and thus productivity.

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The results of team building are the creation of a sense of community among individuals and departments, the connection between them is strengthened and the impression that everyone is going in the same direction and towards the same goal.

Thanks to team building activities, the working environment becomes a place where they feel comfortable, and in this way they get closer to colleagues from their own or other departments in a way that they never had the opportunity to do before.

Escape room team building is a different concept from classic team building where all employees gather on an excursion and kill time until the end of the event.

In the hour that the team members spend together locked in a room, they must cooperate and work together to achieve the goal.

When the team finds themselves in a locked room with limited time to find an exit, they don’t have much time to think about who will do what. In this way, the story and the atmosphere lead the team members to instinctively trust their teammates.

Team building in the escape room does not leave much time for thinking, you have to react quickly, which is exactly why excellent results are achieved.

At the end of the day, this is an extraordinary and fun experience that will be remembered and retold.

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What are Escape Room Adventures?

Escape Room is a game that involves entering a room where there are hidden clues and tasks that the team needs to solve within 60 minutes in order to successfully escape from the room.

Escape Room adventures provide challenge, fun and encourage cooperation among team members. This type of team building activity is popular all over the world, and now it is also available here.

Our escape room games are located in the same location and four teams can play at the same time. Our address is Terazije 38 in the center of Belgrade. A great place to start the party.

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Information and reservations

Escape room adventures are a great choice for team building. These activities are challenging and fun, and also help foster team spirit, develop skills, and improve communication among team members.

With our help, organizing an Escape Room adventure for your team can be very simple. Our company has experience in organizing team building activities, so you can rely on us to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

All in all, if you are looking for a creative and fun way to build team spirit and strengthen business cooperation, Escape Room Adventures are the right thing for you.

Contact us and let us help you organize this unforgettable event.

For information and reservations, we are available by phone: 062 149 20 30, e-mail: or the contact form on the contact page.