We are EscapeMania

Just like you, we wanted to discover the world of escape room games – the process of finding out changed us forever.

What followed was the desire to try ourselves creatively. The dedicated and exciting work of designing and opening our first room was accompanied by the vision that we want to create something different, to provide a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else.

First time

January 2014

We played our first escape room game and fell in love. At first we thought we had a problem, since we spent our free time traveling and looking for new games – in reality, we found a new passion.

The first escape room game

November 2014

EscapeMania was born. We rented an old apartment from the 19th century in the very center of Belgrade, transformed it, and created the now well-known Voodoo Tales escape room game.

Another escape room game

March 2015

Delighted with the success of our first game, Voodoo Tales, we began the creation of the second room – Robin Hood.

Robin Hood has arrived

December 2015

A new “Robin Hood” room has been opened. We invested a lot of knowledge and effort in creating this escape room. Upon entering the room, you will hardly believe that you are not in the office of a medieval sheriff!

Our only goal is to make the most exciting escape room games you will ever experience.