Escape room birthdays

Escape room birthdays are an adventure that is retold for days. A completely different and fun experience for children!

Why escape room birthdays

Escape room birthdays are a unique and unforgettable adventure that will turn a child’s birthday into an extraordinary experience. In this adventure game, the task is to solve the puzzles together with the team and find the way out of the room within 60 minutes. This type of cooperation among children strengthens their team spirit and encourages creative thinking. During this hour, children are separated from their mobile phones and must use logic to solve the puzzles in front of them.

The puzzles are challenging and not easy, that’s why we organize birthday parties only for celebrants who turn 10 or older.

PS: Escape room games are created primarily for adults, and children can play them with customized guidance from our game masters.


Birthday packages

Escape Mania hosts birthday parties for children ages 10 and up. Escape room birthdays last two hours.

The first hour is reserved for playing escape room games. During this period, teams of up to 5 members are formed and each goes on its own adventure. In front of them are rooms from which they have to find a way out, and on the way there are puzzles that they have to solve.

The second hour is reserved for the celebration in Tavern Yugoslavia. This is a celebration where everyone will have something to say. While they gather their impressions, pizza and juices await them, and you can bring a cake if you wish.

Package 1

Package 2

Safety first

When it comes to children’s birthdays, we take special care of safety.

Each team is led through the adventure by a game master. The game master is in charge of monitoring the flow of the game as well as helping if the players are in doubt about what to do next.

The Robin Hood and Voodoo tales escape rooms are covered by cameras so that the game master sees and hears the players at all times. Tavern Yugoslavia is specific in that the game master is always present in the room and monitors the game.

Our staff has a lot of experience in organizing birthday parties and working with children.

A birthday to remember

Escape room birthdays are recounted for weeks.

This is not a classic birthday, this is an adventure where everyone has a role and participates in a team.


Information and reservations

The cake is not included in the price of the package and is brought by the celebrant. Please keep the cake wrapped.

There is no designated area for parents to stay.

If a child has an allergy, please let us know when booking.

Birthdays are realized independently of other appointments and are not related to other players.

For information and reservations, we are available by phone: 062 149 20 30, e-mail: or the contact form on the contact page.

PS: If you haven’t been with us yet, don’t forget that escape room is a unique adventure game intended for everyone, primarily adults. We invite you as parents and your team to try to find a way out of the room in less than 60 minutes and complete the task. In addition to its social importance, the escape room is also great for teambuilding.