Escape Room Beograd -

Unique escape room games in Belgrade city center.

We are EscapeMania and we invite you to take a leap and try one of our exciting escape room games. We are located in downtown Belgrade where, should you dare, you and your friends will have the most exciting hour of your lives!

What are escape room games?

Escape room games will transport you to fictional world where you and your team will take on new and exciting roles. You and your team mates will have a task of exiting the room within 60 minutes. In order to escape you will solve a mistery, save the world or be dragged in similar adventure which you could only see in computer games or movies. Game will force you to use logic, team work and imagination in order to solve the riddles.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to know?

Our escape rooms are built for everyone, no special knowlage is required. All you need to know are basic math operations, basic English (or Serbian) and you are set!

Who can play?

Game is designed for everyone.

There are no requirements in terms of age, education or anything for that matter. If you enjoy good story, mistery and authentic atmosphere our rooms are perfect for you.


Here are some of our customers with their "we escaped the room!" photos. If you would like to see more, visit our instagram or facebook page.


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