Unique escape room games in the heart of Belgrade

EscapeMania invites you to try one of our escape room games. We are located in the center of Belgrade, where if you dare, you and your friends will experience the most exciting hour of your life!

Our Escape room games

We are dedicated to thinking and developing new games, and we invite you to check out our new ideas from time to time. All our escape games are located in the very center of Belgrade, at Terazije 38.

Robin Hood

The room is set in medieval England, you and your teammates will become part of Robin Hood’s company. Prince John has stolen King Richard’s crown, your goal is to return it to its rightful owner.

Voodoo tales

You are entering the temple of evil Voodoo sorcerer. You and your teammates have one hour to remove the curse and escape the haunted temple. Time is running out…

Tavern Yugoslavia

Take part in an old Belgrade’s tavern story – find the lost recipe of famous family rakia.


You and your friends decided to go out for fun. The evening flew by and you don’t remember what you did or where you were… you wake up in an unfamiliar apartment…

What are escape room games?

Find a way out

Escape room games are designed to transport you for a certain period of time, usually 60 minutes, to a completely new, realistic world in which you and your team take on new and exciting roles.

The task of you and your party is to get out of the room, along the way you will solve a mystery, save the world or embark on a similar adventure that you have only seen so far in computer games or on film. The game will force you to use logic, teamwork, perception and imagination to solve the puzzles in front of you.

EscapeMania invites you to visit Robin Hood, Voodoo Tales, Hangover and Kafana Yugoslavia escape room Belgrade games.

What should I know?

Our room escape games are made for everyone, no special knowledge is required. All we expect players to know are basic mathematical operations and knowledge of the Serbian language (or English).

Who can play?

Our games are designed for everyone, however children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

There are no restrictions in terms of age, education or anything else. If you enjoy a good story, authentic atmosphere or mystery, our rooms are perfect for you.


4000 Din. 2 persons
4500 din. 3 persons
5000 din. 4 persons
5500 din. 5 persons

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