We were once just like you, curious about what are escape room games and the process of finding out has changed us forever.

When we decided to make a next step and put our creativity to the test, by opening our first escape room game, we've vowed to make our rooms different and provide you with experience you won't find anywhere else.

January 2014

We've played our first escape room game and fell in love. At first we thought we had a problem, since we traveled across Europe in search of new games, but in reality we found our passion.

November 2014

EscapeMania was born. We rented old 19th century apartment in strict Belgrade center and begun transforming it in, now famous, Voodoo Tales escape game.

March 2015

Struck by huge success of our first game, Voodoo Tales, we have begun building our 2nd room - Robin Hood.

December 2015.

We have opened our second room "Robin Hood". Upon entering, you won't beleve that your are not actually in the medievil officer room!

We aim higher than the rest, and strive for perfection.

Our only passion is to create the most engaging and thrilling games you will ever see.